Thursday, November 16, 2017

Reviews (a follow-up observation)

Remember how I was laughing about as an SFX artist I rarely get named credit unless it's a bad review?  

I directed a short film called "Coming Home". To be honest (and I'm really not boasting here), it hasn't gotten many of what I would call completely terrible reviews, if at all.  Which is actually surprising, since we very intentionally sent the film to some sites that really love a lot of gore in their horror just to see how our relatively tame little story would go over with them. The review from Severed Cinema definitely noticed that:

 "All things considered, for the fact this is a prelude short, it would be nice to have it re-filmed one day, fleshed out and made brutally to stun people, because full upwards thumbs in a line to Shiva Rodriguez. She is fluid at capturing emotions on film. What I mean is, it's the cutaways, the suggestion and aftermath. It's the angles, the expressions, and the really doom laden build up to the conclusion. She's bloody good at what she does. Also, to pad her out, she's a time served special effects artist,and has done bits of acting (including a part in Severed Cinema fave American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock "

Okay, how funny is it that I finally get some name credit for being an SFX artist on a review for a film that I directed? And more credit as an actress, which is particularly amusing since most people who know with me also know how much I dislike being in front of a camera. (I agreed to appear in AGP because I wanted to finally meet the director in person after occasionally chatting with him for years.)

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