I'm really not so bad of a person, so please don't let all the blood and horror mislead you. I just enjoy scaring the Hell out of people for a living and appearing half-glued is just part of the job description.

I started out in SFX makeup as a kid, spending many an afternoon torturing my kid brother and making the neighbors scratch their heads. As an adult, I got my foot into doing "professional horror" as a costume designer for theatrical attractions then clawed my way back into doing practical effects in 1998. I started doing film ten years later.

While I work on crews primarily as a practical special effects artist, I do have a well-rounded range of experience in production as a makeup artist, screenwriter, wardrobe mistress, video editor, set designer/dresser, prop builder, production coordinator, casting assistant, and pretty much helping to put together projects. This experience was really put to the test when I agreed to direct a feature-length werewolf film I'd written.

Nowadays I'm better-known as a film director and screenwriter, although I still love getting my hands dirty working with special effects whenever possible.

The original intention of this blog was just to show my work as it progresses so others can either appreciate it or just throw things at it.

However, as I continue on in my adventures in film-making (and especially in the lower-budget ones), I decided to start writing up some essays to share my views on various aspects of the craft.

If something I do catches your attention and you'd like to have me work on one of your projects, please feel free to contact me. I'm located in the Central Florida area but I can travel for projects within the USA.

E-mail: ShivaRodriguez@gmail.com.

Website: The World of Shiva Rodriguez

IMDB Page: Shiva Rodriguez on IMDB

Facebook: Shiva Rodriguez Official Page