This photo gallery is broken up into sections since I have way too many photos since 2008!

I'm notorious for dodging cameras, which I usually do a pretty good job of when I'm working special effects. However, I've found that being The Director means that all eyes are generally on you between takes, and that includes the camera!

Another place where I can't seem to be able to avoid cameras.  Shots taken from various film festivals I've attended as either a director or a writer.

I worked as the Special Effects Supervisor on this short horror film in 2014. It's based on a Native American legend and required some unusual prop builds.

One of the first films I worked on back in 2008. It was my first time building a creature on practically no budget.

One of my favorite features that I worked on between 2012-2013 as the Special Effects person.  Set in the early 1970s, this grindhouse-style film allowed me to do some things I'd never done before, as well as one thing I said that I'd never do!

A short film based on Norse mythology that I directed, co-wrote, built some effects for, and (get ready for this)... appeared in as a character! May 2018.

My second time directing, although I couldn't help but do a few of the special effects too. This is a short parody of the 1980s slasher films. Shot in 2016.

 I know, not a film. But making and selling these post-execution effigies has helped a lot to finance my projects.

Between 2010-2011 I worked special effects makeup and costume design for this television/video project. I loved doing it, as it gave me a great deal of creative freedom to come up with some fun and creepy characters.

In 2015 I worked as the Special Effects Supervisor for this short film involving cannibalism.

In 2010 I wrote the script and worked the special effects for a short film my husband Garith directed for a film contest. This one takes the cake for the most unusual prosthetic piece I've ever built.

 In 2009 I pretty much was the art department as well as the special effects artist for this short horror-comedy about the Renfield Family being in service to vampires for generations.

In 2011 I was brought onboard to add some blood and gore to this short story about a medical clinic being robbed by a junkie.

Between 2015-2016 I was the special effects supervisor for this feature film based on a true story in Ocala, Florida.

 In 2013 I took the seat in the director's chair for this feature film. And because I'd always wanted to build a werewolf, I also did a lot of the special effects and creature fabrication.

In 2010 my partner Duckie and I wrote the script for this feature film and then decided to shoot it. My main job was to fabricate all the unusual props and create the special effects for this dark comedy about men in terrible relationships.

Shot in 2008, I did the set design and construction as well as the special effects for this short parody of the Saw movie franchise.

I originally built these masks for a film called She-Wolves of Hollywood, but somehow they ended up in a film called Franklin: A Symphony of Pain.

In 2015 I lead the special effects crew to do all the special makeup, practical effects, and stunts for this sci-fi horror short.

 Some photos from other projects I've worked on, including "Harbinger", "Jasper Man", Death-scort Service, Rough Cut, and more.











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