Gallery On The Job

A scrapbook of photos from behind the scenes of film projects and other things.

Checking footage on The Family Way: Coming Home.

Getting ready to cast James Mitchel's hand for Interview.

Running a blood effect for Dangerous People.
On the set of Father of Lies.

Only known photo of me pointing as a director on a set. The Family Way: Coming Home.

With Rag Doll on HorrorScapes.

Filming "Director's cameo" during production of Predatory Moon.

Table read for The Figure.

Running lines on set of Predatory Moon.

Group photo on set of Dangerous People.

On the set of Predatory Moon.

Acting as second unit director for SFX scenes in Hungryland.

On the set of TRU LUV.

Shooting Predatory Moon.

Director cameo for The Figure.

Preparing a victim for Dangerous People.

Preparing to spray blood on the set of Justifiable Circumstances.

Crashing out on the set of Predatory Moon.

Shooting crew of The Figure.

Nicole sneaking a photo of me during filming of Smart TV.

Packing up my murder-mobile before heading to location.

At the table read for Predatory Moon.

Rehearsing for Steel Beauties Combat Show.

Ready to direct The Figure.

Gluing hamburgers for a prosthetic for Intervention.

Getting messy on the set of Affirmation.

Rest after battle on the set of Father of Lies.

Running blood delivery tubes for Coffee.

Building Headless Historicals Queen Catherine Howard.

Creating an acid burn for Psycho Chicks Anonymous.

With the camera crew of Father of Lies.

Shooting crew of Predatory Moon.

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