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 "The Father of Lies The Passion of Loki presents an intriguing and innovative concept by intertwining Norse mythology with a modern horror narrative, offering a fresh perspective on well-known characters and stories.

The script's core premise, centered around a family unwittingly releasing Loki and subsequently being thrust into a battle with him, is a captivating idea that provides a unique twist on familiar mythology. The juxtaposition of ancient gods alongside contemporary human characters offers an interesting blend of genres and time periods, making the concept fresh and engaging.

The script's integration of Norse mythology elements adds depth and complexity to the narrative. By incorporating figures like Loki, Thor, and Odin, the story capitalizes on the inherent intrigue of these characters and their dynamics. This allows the script to appeal to fans of mythology while also providing a new and suspenseful angle sure to excite fans of the horror genre."

- Feedback from BlueCat Screenplay Competition on the feature script The Father of Lies. 

"In The Haunt, the environment itself takes on the significance of a main character. You exploit this magnificently to get the maximum bang from your buck, creating an addictive frisson which pulses throughout as we – along with the characters – need to distinguish between what is just meant to frighten you and what is meant to kill you.

You include some memorable set pieces. I really liked the choice to cut away from Grant’s head being caved in and to reference the aural of the thud and the visual of the blood on the poster... but then we see it as a bloody mess a little later. It felt like a nice way to suggest that there was no real escape from the attraction, even for the viewer’s sensibilities...

You clearly had a lot of fun putting this together and it really comes across. It’s a fast-paced horror which doesn’t take itself super seriously and makes itself even more charming as a result." 

- Feedback from 13Horror Screenplay Competition on The Haunt.

"You’re a great writer and very visual. The intro in particular was superb – very, very engrossing and deeply chilling with the line He’ll kill your whole goddamned family! But what chilled me even more was what seems at first a fairly polite and even innocuous I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken out of turn. Even the thought of the slow burn process underpinning this is fairly terrifying... and something which you go on to invert and make even more compelling as you explore a kind of Stockholm syndrome borne jealousy and rivalry.

It’s written to a very high standard and clearly represents a lot of talent and hard work, both of which you are to be commended for." 
- Feedback from 13Horror Screenplay Competition on The Flower Garden.


"THE HAUNT's titular and high-concept premise is promising and stands to prey on some relatable horror fan experiences. The solid attention to detail renders the attraction believable and immersive, and there is a commendable sense of moody dread that stands to translate well to the screen. The thematic focus on performance vs reality is appropriate here."

-Excerpt from Evaluation by on The Haunt


"The concept of this horror feature is fresh and original, and the story includes a compelling cast of characters whose lives intertwine when two couples encounter a strange, murderous family after their car runs out of gas on a long-distance road trip. You have imagined a creative story with a unique cast of characters." Read the entire script report by  HORROR Underground Film & Screenplay Festival of the feature screenplay The Family Way.


"Over this last year I’ve become a big fan of Rodriguez’s work. She’s a very talented writer and director that has an excellent eye for bringing out the twisted and creepy in her characters. She is particularly skilled at showing the extremes within her sadistic male characters. Rodriguez is able to utilize her actors, her husband D. Duckie Rodriguez in particular, to bring out the creepiest portrayals possible. Just as I was with Coming Home, I’m left wanting to see more of the story that she has to tell of Loki and the horrors he has become capable of."

"I really do want to stress that Coming Home is beautiful and well worth the watch. Do not take me saying that it starts out with a shock to mean anything other than that. This film centers on a teenage serial killer. Seeing a horror film with a kid murdering people or kids getting murdered is always more shocking than watching adults do the same. It’s taking that risk and the impact that it has that makes this film that much more brilliant and director Shiva Rodriguez is perfectly happy making that impact. I really cannot stress that enough."

The Superficial Gallery - Review of The Family Way: Coming Home

"Father of Lies offers an interesting take on the classic stories of Norse Gods. What's really interesting as you watch this short film unfold, is the complete lack of empathy these beings have for humanity. It seems Shiva and D. Duckie Rodriguez, who wrote this piece, spent just as much time with this complicated concept as they did with the plot itself."

 "THE FAMILY WAY: COMING HOME, directed by Shiva Rodriguez, will take you to the heart of the matter... or remove it, depending on how you look at it.

The cinematography is excellent, much better than one might expect from a short, but this is no ordinary short: this is a prologue to a forthcoming piece that Shiva and D. Duckie Rodriguez hope to fund, and if their skill with this piece, and their combined history in horror is any indication, getting funding shouldn't be a problem."

Nightmarish Conjurings - Review of The Family Way: Coming Home

"First and Foremost, I have a huge amount of respect for writer/director/co-producer Shiva Rodriguez.  It takes not only a ton of blood, sweat and tears to make a film and put it out, but it takes a lot of balls to send it out to critics like myself to review. Though the film is flawed, I am really glad that she did.  Shiva has a great eye for direction and I will definitely be looking forward to the her next film."

"Director Shiva Rodriguez is able to strike just the right balance by naturally revealing the information you need without resorting to clunky exposition to move the story along."

Sick Flix - Review of The Family Way: Coming Home

"...full upwards thumbs in a line to Shiva Rodriguez. She is fluid at capturing emotions on film."

"Writers Shiva and D. Duckie Rodriguez make damn sure we realize things are not on the up-and-up. In all honesty? A real twist on the genre manages to infuse itself into this title, and it's always nice to see a fresh take on an old premise."

"I'm looking forward to seeing what Shiva Rodriguez does with a longer-form presentation. If this short is any indication, we're in for a treat." 

"We hope that ‘Coming Home’ is just a pilot episode, or a trailer to an upcoming movie that will change everything we know about films of this kind. Yes, we truly hope so, because what we’ve seen in those fifteen minutes was absolutely astonishing." 


"The multifaceted story involving sex, betrayal, murder, and monsters is entertaining and well-written."

 "As such, while still not for the faint of heart, “Coming Home” stands as a worthy entry to the horror short film platform, and should certainly have the appreciation of an audience who is pining for something fresh."

 "Coming Home is a solid beginning and worth the limited investment of your time."

 Rick's Cutting Room -  Review of The Family Way: Coming Home

"Still, there's something special working in Coming Home and it will be interesting to see where it's taken from here. It feels like the foundation is established for a creative, compelling indie horror story and I look forward to watching the film's journey."

 The Independent Critic - Review of The Family Way: Coming Home

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