Wednesday, November 15, 2017

One Night of Fear Reviews


When I worked as SFX lead for One Night of Fear, I really loved one particular kill that we had to do.

My dear friend Lowrie (who was part of the cast as well as one of my assistants) send me  a review she found on the film.  I'm glad that effect was memorable to the viewer.

"The best part of the film is the practical effects and a couple of the stand out kills, special mention to actress, Lowrie Fawley for her cameo and willingness to show off some nudity, I was impressed." - Review by Adam the Movie God

So out of curiosity I ran a search to see if I could find more reviews on the film that mentioned the special effects. I found more than a few.

"What I can offer, however, is the claim that the kills in this film are interesting to view, and character interaction does play a sizable part in the movie’s tempo and flow – hey, you don’t always have to despise a persona to revel in their gruesome death." - Review from Dread Central

"Despite having a meager budget of $20,000, One Night of Fear shines in the cinematography department, boasting some impressive shots and pretty memorable scenes with the killer. ... Around less than two minutes in, I found myself cheering out loud at a pretty blatant homage to the Friday the 13th franchise and one of its more memorable kills." - Review from Horror Geek Life

"True, there are some very well executed kills by Sutton’s killer as well as the very smart use of the locations around the summer rental house giving length and space to the grounds for the predator and prey." - Review by Indie Mac User


I do think it's funny that I am rarely mentioned by name if my work is being praised. But if it's a really bad review, they'll put my name on it!

Case in point: Review of One Night of Fear by Horror News Net

"Both Oliver Tosh, as visual effects supervisor, and Shiva Rodriguez as the person on special effects makeup, are lacking any kind of ability or skill in the area of makeup effects; although it was nice to see practical effects being used, none of it was convincing, and most of it was embarrassingly inept and unprofessional."

 Yup, you have to have really thick skin in this business.

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