Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chilly Days

It's been a little rough working in my un-heated studio this month. (I'm in Florida, so I can expect a couple weeks like this every year.) However, we've been hard at work getting the mechanical werewolves together so we can wrap up shooting Predatory Moon soon.

When it's absolutely too cold to be out there, I've finally found the time to get the websites I have a hand in running updated.

Headless Historicals is now on a much Shiva-friendly way for uploading content, and I think there are about 10 dolls left for sale on the Etsy shop. Now that I've become quite familiar with some new (and durable!) materials, I plan to start doing much more realistic pieces for this on-going pastime. Expect to see some truly horrific and beautiful effigies on Headless Historicals sometime next year.

I've also moved Artistic Devil to its new format, although I was a bit discouraged to see how many artists are even worse about keeping up their websites than I am! (Honestly, half the links were no longer in existence.) It's still a wonderful collection of dark-natured artistry, and I'm hoping to have more artists featured in 2014.

In my free time, I've been playing around with some very grotesque corset ideas. I know, every year I say that I'm not going to do any more costume-making, but at least this time my demented muse came up with a way to incorporate a lot of F/X techniques into it. As I type this, my experimental prototype is drying on my workbench and if all goes well I may be putting some up for sale.

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