Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Body Count

Well, it's official. I had a hand in killing or otherwise mutilating 41 victims this year. (And no, they weren't all for Predatory Moon!)

This has been an extra-special year for me because I knocked off the top 2 items on my F/X Bucket List. I did a human-to-werewolf transformation sequence without using a speck of CGI, and I did my first completely on-screen decapitation. Now, if I can get a cheesy shark movie next year I'll have #3 on my Bucket List! (hint hint... any producers/directors reading this blog?)

I worked on 4 projects this year that racked up the high body count: Lean Times, Of Dice & Men - The Musical, Angel, and of course, Predatory Moon.

This year I teamed up with F/X Makeup artist Nicole Sweeney for a good many of the Predatory kills. On Of Dice and Men I was aided by Tracy Anderson. And my AD on Predatory, Cat Epstein, also lent a hand in the mass murder as well!

Here are some kills that I'm able to show in public without giving out spoilers.

First kill of the year!

A very messy day on the set of Predatory Moon.

Yeah, not even kids are safe around me.

Or their mothers, for that matter.

Or older folks. Hell, I broke all kinds of murder taboos this year!

2nd kill of the year.

Doing the prep work for a particularly unfortunate victim.

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