Friday, November 29, 2013

Switching Hats on Predatory Moon

I have to admit, I have enjoyed my directing experience with Predatory Moon. However, I also learned during the first 23 days of shooting that it is extremely difficult for me to both direct and run practical F/X at the same time. In fact, during our break over the hot summer, I decided that it was crucial for us to re-shoot many of the death scenes and have my DP Garith Pettibone act as co-director so I could focus on the gore.

Knowing that the last 8 days of filming actors was almost entirely special effect shoots (including the big transformation scene), Garith has been stepping in to direct them while I run around making sure everything is nice and bloody.

I really couldn't have done it without the help of my Key MUA and F/X makeup artist, Nicole Sweeney.

Now that all the actors have wrapped, I'm buckling down to build all the mechanical F/X to complete the film. we're hoping to be in post by January... but you know how anything mechanical can go.

Below are some photos from one of our bloodiest days, November 17th. Yes, we sent a werewolf to a wedding party!

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