Monday, October 29, 2018

Fun at Spooky Empire

Many of the Gods from "Father of Lies" appeared for the screening on Sunday.

Tyr (Garth Pettibone), Loki (D. Duckie Rodriguez), Sigyn (Yours Truly), and Thor (Steven Cardona).

You may have noticed that I'm dressed up as the Marvel version of Loki.  Strictly coincidence, I assure you. I've been working on that costume long before we ever wrote "Father of Lies".

The folks at the Ghostbusters display were apparently collecting "gods" at the convention.

Duckie and I were there for the full weekend and the others joined us on the day of our screening.  This is the biggest festival we've ever participated in and we really had a blast!

D.Duckie Rodriguez and me on Day One.

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