Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Behind The Scenes - What am I doing in front of the camera????

Recently this BTS video from "Father of Lies" was released to the public. It probably came as a bit of a shock to people who know my dislike for being in front of the camera, even though I did tell people that I was taking a bit part in the film.

Why would I break my long-standing habit of diving out of frame if a camera so much as glances in my direction?  In short, because it was a role that required swordplay and stunts that was being shot on a shoestring budget and as far as I was concerned the only people who were going to risk nasty injury on it were Duckie, Garith, and myself.

Well, then our friend Steve ended up having to jump in as "Thor" and since we'd all done plenty of stage combat with him in the past we tweaked the choreography a bit to let him join in the fun.

I still have no idea how the scene will end up looking until the rough cut is done (hopefully in a few days). I can't imagine the action being more than a half minute of screen-time, which may sound terrible but should actually be a good pay-off for the months that Garith and I spent rehearsing for it.

Don't get used to seeing this though. I've decided that being both a stunt actor and a director on a project is not a good fit for me. Especially after I injured myself by miscalculating a fall and ended up saying "picture wrap" with my arm in a sling!

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