Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What am I doing in front of the camera????


Recently this photo from "Father of Lies" was released to the public. It probably came as a bit of a shock to people who know my dislike for being in front of the camera, even though I did tell people that I was taking a bit part in the film.

Why would I break my long-standing habit of diving out of frame if a camera so much as glances in my direction?  In short, because it was a role that required swordplay and stunts that was being shot on a shoestring budget and as far as I was concerned the only person who was going to risk nasty injury on it was me.

Don't get used to seeing this though. I've decided that being both a stunt actor and a director on a project is not a good fit for me. Especially after I injured myself by miscalculating a fall and ended up saying "picture wrap" with my arm in a sling!

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