Sunday, September 17, 2017

My festival schedule is filling up

I'm really proud of my work as a writer for The Family Way screenplay and as a director/writer for its short prologue film "Coming Home".  I'm also extremely happy that so many festivals seem to like it too.

Now that it's approaching the spooky season, I'm starting to hear from more festivals in the States.

The Family Way feature screenplay is a finalist in the Women in Horror Film Festival in Peachtree City, GA.  I'll be attending that 4-day event starting on September 21st.

Then on October 1st I'll be at the Halloween Horror Picture Show in Tampa, FL where "Coming Home" will be screening in the 11am-2pm short block.

"Coming Home" will also be screening at the Upstate NY Horror Film Festival in Rochester, NY that takes place Oct. 13-15th. I don't know what day or time block the screening is scheduled for yet, but I'm hoping to attend that festival as well.

I'm still waiting on a few more festivals to announce their selections to determine where I'll be and when for the next eight weeks or so.

This is the first time I've actually toured with a film instead of waiting for a movie I worked on to screen at a local fest. I wish I could have attended UK screenings, but there was a little problem about having yet to renew my passport that put a damper on things there. (I really should get on that soon.)

So far the worst part has been all the driving. I still maintain my belief that Miami has a three drink minimum to use its main roadways. (I've already decided to fly the friendly skies to attend any festivals that are more than 500 miles away from home.)

I've also been noticing that the organizational level and filmmaker-friendliness of the smaller festivals has been going right across the board. To date, the worst has been a festival that didn't regularly update its website and I didn't find out about the festival schedule until AFTER "Coming Home" had already screened!

Now that I'm going to be involved with some of the larger ones, I'm curious to see how smoothly they run. Right now I'm extremely impressed with the Women in Horror festival, as they seem to be bending over backwards to take care of their finalists. (Even the screenwriters like me who don't have a "face on the screen" during the event.) I'm really looking forward to getting out there this weekend, even if it is a six-hour drive!

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