Saturday, May 27, 2017

Coming Home public premiere


Back in December I directed a short film called "Coming Home" which Duckie and I wrote as a prologue to our feature screenplay The Family Way.

We shot it instead of a trailer as a visual aid to introduce potential investors to some of the feature's characters. But we also decided to throw it to the Court of Public Opinion and enter it into several film festivals.

So far it's been accepted into every festival that's announced selections.

This morning I was greeted by a review of the film sent to me from The Global Grit Film Festival. I won't post the whole thing since it contains some major spoilers, but here are the first and last paragraphs:

"Coming Home" is a solid, thoroughly entertaining, self-contained story. The acting, lighting, writing, pacing, and effects were all convincing. This film inspires an amount of intrigue that most shorts really can't manage, and subverts expectations effectively.

In less deft hands, "Coming Home" would have been a disaster. However, you managed to craft an engaging, interesting, and successful thriller. Bravo!

"Coming Home" is scheduled to kick off the Global Grit Film Festival in Miami, Florida on June 3rd.


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