Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Body Count


Assuming that I'm not going to be called out on a last-minute job within the next five hours, I can safely say that my Body Count this year came to an even 50.

It's a long-standing tradition of mine to keep track of how many people I've maimed/killed for a film or theatre project each year.  The rules are simple... I have to have had some direct hands-on involvement in it, whether it's actually being on set and working my magic or having built one of the key components for the effect used on set in my absence (like a special weapon, gag, body part prop, etc...) I can't count re-shoots.  And we decided early this year that zombies do in fact count as "kills". (There was a little debate as to whether they were already dead or not.)

Highest Casualties award goes to "Harbinger", a zombie short.

Most Unique Presentation award goes to Sitter, a feature that should be released next year.

Most Unusual Execution Method award goes to One Night of Fear, another feature now in post.

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