Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shooting Predatory Moon - Day Seven

Our first day of shooting all interiors, so for once we didn't have to start the shoot with a lavish shower of heavy insect repellent.

We did, however, elect to start the day by shooting most of the scenes that take place in a bathroom that has a huge mirror. The AD, UPM, and I spent the first couple hours hiding in the bathtub while the cameras rolled. Finally I got smart and turned the director's wand over to the DP, who had to be in the bathroom while the rest of us waited outside. But it did raise the question as to how many of us could fit in the tub. We found out at the end of the day for our obligatory group photo.

We did have a lot of fun dressing the set for the bedroom of a very slovenly character (and kicking our UPM out of his bedroom in the process.) We also had to "distress" the character's wardrobe by staining it with food items, which somehow escalated from "slob" to "peanut butter fetish". Yeah, it took a complete wardrobe change until we got that one right.

We also learned that our gaffer/AC's home-made LED lights can illuminate the entire neighborhood when placed outside to simulate sunlight coming through the windows at 11pm.

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